European Handball

European Handball, also known as Team Handball or Field Handball is a popular european indoor sport (which can also be played on the beach) commonly known for its presence in the Olympics.

Two teams play each other with seven players on a side. To gain points the handball must be thrown in a goal similar to that of a football (soccer) goal. Each goal is equivalent to one point. Handling the ball involves the players' hands and similar to basketball you must bounce the ball while running.

The defending side (team without possesion of the ball) can prevent the offensive side from scoring by blocking the path of the player with possesion.

Professional European Handball originated in Northern Europe (Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden) and the game has been played internationally since the 1920s. More History.

European Handball is an outstanding spectator sport due to its athletic, high-scoring and dynamic attributes. Handballs most eye-catching spectacle comes when players shoot for goal. Top players can produce shots on goal up to 100km/hr while gracefully launching themselves into the air to dodge defence and get as close to the goal as possible without stepping into the zone or crease (the near-semicircled area only the goal-keeper is allowed in.) More Rules.

Promoting athleticism, fitness, stratergies and ball skills, European Handball is the sport for everyone and is very popular all over the world, regarded second only to football (soccer). So why not start playing European Team Handball for your Local Team today!

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